Another white, hetero, middle-aged, able-bodied, cis-gendered man…

…but maybe that’s who you need to bring other men on the journey.

Iain Schmidt is a contagiously enthusiastic speaker, who mixes humour with vulnerability. His thought-provoking workshops, seminars and keynotes will encourage and inspire audiences of all genders to take a more proactive role in gender equality conversations and initiatives.

Iain doesn’t lecture. Iain coaches.

Being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Level 3 Organisational Coach, Iain’s natural presentation style is that of a facilitator and coach. He doesn’t lecture his audience, but rather creates a safe environment that encourages reflection and helps audiences to challenges their prejudices and assumptions.

Speaker topics FOR your next event

We will share our content and ideas to co-create a keynote, workshop or event that meets your audience where they are at and takes them to where you want them to be.