Coaching is the key to actual progress

Executive Coaching - For Alex and Sam

FOR Individuals

Executive Coaching

We work with men who understand that they need to play a role in achieving gender equality. These men understand that this role involves more than just a title as an ally or a champion.

They understand that the role involves working on themselves, their own prejudices and how they show up day to day.

We offer customised 1on1 coaching packages to assist these senior male leaders to take their effort from being passive supporter to proactive change facilitators.

Shadow Coaching

A leader sets the tone for the organisation. And often there is a disconnect between their intention and their impact.

Every leader is different. A personalised approach is particularly effective when significant behavioural change is needed or when leaders seek to address blind spots and receive support in navigating challenging feedback

Designed for leaders seeking immediate feedback and support, our Professional Certified Coach (PCC) shadows you through half-day and full-day sessions, providing invaluable insights as you tackle your daily responsibilities.

Through this process, the leader receives opportunities for immediate reflection, feedback and coaching as they progress through their day and business as usual activities.

FOR Groups

Join like-minded men from across industries to share learnings, encourage each other and inspire proactive action.

Group coaching offers the opportunity for learn from other men as they navigate challenges, triumphs and setbacks, in addition to your own reflection and experiences.

Group coaching programs are typically for 6months, 90mins per month, facilitated by a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

FOR Organisations

We co-create customised and bespoke coaching programs to support cohorts of leaders within organisations, to achieve the desired cultural shifts.

Coaching programs can be individual, group or even automated using a conversation intelligence tool.

Coaching may also be used to support other internal learning or to compliment learning workshops that we design and deliver.

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