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Guide on the Side

Guide on the Side

We are driven to help individuals, teams and organisations achieve greater gender equality.

But this isn’t about us—it’s about you.

It’s about the roles that you, your team and your organisation play in helping us achieve gender equality.

We believe every person, team and organisation is capable of change.  And we want to be your ‘guide on the side’ to achieving lasting and sustainable transformation.

Because of our passion for this area, we are always happy to have a free chat with you – with no obligations, no pitches and no ‘sell’.

We are invested in helping you in any way that we can – whether it’s being a sounding board for your ideas, picking our brains for ideas, or looking for recommended resources, experts and associations.

We can only achieve gender equality, by helping each other.

We focus on helping you do it on your own, being successful in your efforts to achieve greater equality.

We want to fix the problems, and will encourage you to take a systemic view of the issues and strategy.