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Who are Alex and Sam?

Our experience suggests that for a lot of men who start to care about gender equality, the reason that they begin to pay attention to gender equality conversations tends to occur when they have someone they know who is directly impacted by the inequality that exists.

This may be when they become a dad, and even more so when they have a daughter. They want the best for their daughter and don’t want them to encounter the obstacles they have heard exist for other genders, but tend to ignore.

Similar stories get shared about someone’s sister coming out as gay or someone’s friend being non-binary or recently gender-affirmed. These become the reasons why they now care more about issues affecting the LGBTQI+ community.

People seem to become more concerned about neurodiversity and physical disabilities and advocate for adjustments to previously accepted ways of working and living when someone close to them is impacted by stigma and barriers.

The inspiring thing is that our strongest motivation is that we are doing it for others.

Whilst many people working in the DEI space may also be a member of a marginalised group and benefit directly or indirectly from the progress being made, but primarily they are also doing it for the other members of the community as much as they are doing it for themselves.

For Alex and Sam is an invitation for you to think about who you are doing this for.

Specifically, Alex and Sam are Iain’s two sons. The work we do at For Alex and Sam was initially – and still is – about inspiring better role models for men, and encouraging men to engage in gender equality.

‘Alex’ could be your daughter who wants to be a politician. You want her to be able to thrive in a world where she can be exceptional like you know she can. You want her to be able to lead, make a difference, and achieve without the sexist rubbish that other female politicians have encountered.

‘Sam’ could be your son who likes to play with dolls and wants a pram for his birthday. You want him to continue to grow his caring heart, feel comfortable expressing himself emotionally and being affectionate without ever feeling that he shouldn’t be this way.

‘Alex’ could be one of the 67 women who were murdered by their current or former partner in 2023.

‘Sam’ could be one of the 20% of women who have experienced sexual violence.

‘Alex’ could be one of the 50% of women who have experience sexual harassment.

‘Sam’ could be your female colleague who does the same role as you but earns 15% less than you. If you’re honest, you have no idea why.

Who are you doing this for?

Our Story

Through our work with For Alex and Sam, we are committed to creating a world where gender equality is a reality, not just a concept.

Our unique approach challenges traditional gender stereotypes and empowers men to be proactive agents of change, resulting in more inclusive workplaces and communities.

Iain Schmidt is the founder of For Alex and Sam. With over a decade of experience in the coaching industry, Iain has become a leading voice in the field of diversity and inclusion training, with a specific focus on engaging men in the conversation.

Iain is a certified professional coach (PCC) and Level 3 Organisational Coach with a proven track record of helping individuals and organisations achieve their goals. His dynamic coaching style and customised programs have been lauded by clients as transformational and effective.

Our Story - For Alex and Sam